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Giving Ourselves to Prayer: An Acts 6:4 Primer for Ministry

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This is a 80 chapter, 592 page textbook written by 80 different professors and national prayer leaders.


Compiled by Dr. Dan Crawford, this is an 80 chapter, 592 page textbook written by 80 different professors and national prayer leaders. It is a complete textbook on prayer designed for seminary students and Christian college students who are training for the ministry. It will also be of high interest to pastors. The content covers both personal prayer issues and concepts and how to grow prayer in a church. Paperback Edition

Now Available in e-book format at major e-book stores.

Introduction- Dan R. Crawford

Section One: The Theological Foundation of Prayer
Chapter 1: The Bible and Prayer- Gary T. Meadors
Chapter 2: Jewish Traditions of Prayer
- Jan Verbrugge
Chapter 3: Prayer and the Kingdom of God
- Ron Walborn
Chapter 4: God the Father and Prayer
- Patricia A. Outlaw
Chapter 5: God the Son and Prayer
- James R. Wicker
Chapter 6: Praying in the Name of Jesus- Randal Roberts
Chapter 7: The Gospel of Prayer- John W. Taylor
Chapter 8: God the Spirit and Prayer- James L. Wakefield
Chapter 9: Prayer and the Accompaniment of Angels
- David A. Shive
Chapter 10: The Lord's Prayer
- Thomas L. Constable
Chapter 11: Prayer and God's Responses
- Steve Hawthorne
Chapter 12: The Aspects, Varieties and Kinds of Prayer
- Alice Smith
Chapter 13: Prayer and the Sovereignty of God
- Leith Anderson
Chapter 14: Crisis Praying vs. Consistent Praying
- Bert Downs
Chapter 15: Problems of Seemingly Unanswered Prayer
- Elmer L. Towns
Chapter 16: Characteristics of God-Honoring Prayer
- Arturo G. Azurdia, III
Chapter 17: The Role of Fasting as an Accompaniment to Prayer
- Dean Trune
Chapter 18: Praying with God's Heart and Mind
- Joel Wilson
Chapter 19: Responding in Prayer to God's Character
- Aida Besancon Spencer
Chapter 20: Does God Really Need Our Prayer?
- Dutch Sheets

Section Two: The Personal Passion for Prayer
Chapter 21: The Bible and Personal Passion in Prayer
- Earl Pickard
Chapter 22: A Biblical Role Model of Personal Passion in Prayer
- Gloria J. Wiese
Chapter 23: Jesus as a Role Model of Personal Passion in Prayer
- Howard Baker
Chapter 24: An Historical Role Model of Personal Passion in Prayer
- Karen Bullock
Chapter 25: Disciplines of Personal Prayer
- Dan R. Crawford
Chapter 26: Habits of Effective Pray-ers
- Dennis Conner
Chapter 27: The Use of Scripture in Personal Prayer
- Larry Ashlock
Chapter 28: Personal Prayer Retreats
- Cynthia Bezek
Chapter 29: Prayer Journals/Diaries
- Gary Waller
Chapter 30: How to Address God in Prayer
- William David Spencer
Chapter 31: To Whom Does God Listen?
- W. Bingham Hunter
Chapter 32: How to Hear from God in Prayer
- Calvin A. Blom
Chapter 33: Contemplative Prayer
- Reg Johnson
Chapter 34: Developing a Lifestyle of Prayer
- Gerald Schmidt
Chapter 35: The Problem of Prayerlessness
- Mary Kate Morse
Chapter 36: Intimacy with God through Prayer
- John Franklin
Chapter 37: Hindrances to Effective Prayer
- Sammy Tippit
Chapter 38: How to Pray without Ceasing
- Cornell (Corkie) Haan
Chapter 39: The Secret of Single-Minded Prayer
- Eddie Smith
Chapter 40: Abiding Prayer
- Tony Twist

Section Three: The Corporate Expression of Prayer
Chapter 41: The Bible and Church Prayer
- J. Chris Schofield
Chapter 42: The Place of Prayer in the Early Church
- Steve Booth
Chapter 43: The Meaning of "A House of Prayer"
- Dennis Fuqua
Chapter 44: How to Build a House of Prayer
- Dave Butts
Chapter 45: Prayer Meetings and Revival in the Church
- Joel R. Beeke
Chapter 46: Praying Together vs. Private Prayer
- Bruce M. Hartung
Chapter 47: Leading/Facilitating Corporate Prayer
- Phil Miglioratti
Chapter 48: Prayer in the Corporate Worship Service
- Jonathan Graf
Chapter 49: Prayer Partners, Prayer Triplets, Small Prayer Groups
- Daryl Eldridge
Chapter 50: Accountability in Prayer
- John D. Floyd
Chapter 51: Church Prayer Ministries and Prayer Rooms
- Elaine Helms
Chapter 52: Prayer as Creative Expression
- Gary W. McCoy
Chapter 53: Family Prayer
- Kim Butts
Chapter 54: Mobilizing Youth to Pray
- Mike Higgs
Chapter 55: Prayer Components for City-wide Movements
- Tom White
Chapter 56: Pastoral Prayers of Intercession
- Stan May
Chapter 57: Worship Based Prayer vs. List Based Prayer
- Dick Eastman
Chapter 58: Praying vs. Being "Devoted to Prayer"
- Steve Loopstra
Chapter 59: The Relational Affects of Corporate Prayer
- David Livingstone Rowe
Chapter 60: How to Evaluate the Prayer Life of a Congregation
- Daniel Henderson

Section Four: The Global Impact of Prayer
Chapter 61: The Bible and Global Prayer
- Henry Blackaby
Chapter 62: Prayer and Spiritual Awakenings
- Glenn Sheppard
Chapter 63: Prayer and Evangelism
- Alvin L. Reid
Chapter 64: Lighthouses of Prayer
- Alvin J. VanderGriend
Chapter 65: Prayer and Missionary Movements
- Ron Boehme
Chapter 66: Strategic Prayer for God's Mission and Missionaries
- Mike Barnett
Chapter 67: Prayerwalking as a Method of Intercessory Prayer
- Randy Sprinkle
Chapter 68: Prayer Calendars/Networks/Communication Links
- Naomi A. Frizzell
Chapter 69: Prayer and Spiritual Warfare
- Chuck Lawless
Chapter 70: Mobilizing Prayer Advocacy
- Eleanor Witcher
Chapter 71: Praying for the Unreached People Groups of the World
- Ed Cox
Chapter 72: E quipping the Church for Global Praying
- John Quam
Chapter 73: Kingdom Praying
- Minette Drumwright Pratt
Chapter 74: Praying for Those in Global Authority
- John Lind
Chapter 75: Prayer for the Harvest
- Paula Hemphill
Chapter 76: Prayer Journeys: Praying on Location for the Nations
- Pat Allen
Chapter 77: Prayer Foundation for Global Ministry
- Daniel Sanchez
Chapter 78: International House of Prayer
- Gary Wiens
Chapter 79: Missionary Dynamic and Prayer
- George W. Peters
Chapter 80: The Lord's Model of Prayer for the Kingdom
Darrell W. Johnson

Conclusion- Dan R. Crawford