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Prayer Connect Issue 4 - As the Waters

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As the Waters Cover the Sea: A Global Cry for the Glory of Christ looks at the worldwide prayer movement--its history and what God is up to in and through it.
Based on Habakkuk 2:14, issue four looks at the exploding global prayer movement that is getting more and more in synch with praying God's purposes for the earth. Can the end result be anything other than a massive spiritual awakening? Theme articles: "Theme Intro" "The Rise of a Global Prayer Movement: Christ-inspired Stamina to Pray for the Fulfillment of His Purpose" by Steve Hawthorne Plus Sidebar: "24-7 Prayer Movement Ushers in Radical Prayer" by Dana Hernandez "Look What God Is Doing: 3 Indicators of a Coming Global Awakening" by Dick Eastman Plus Sidebars: "Powerful Film Needs Prayer"and "A Look into the 10-40 Window" "Lord, Do It Again!: Historic World Prayer Assemblies Launch Global Prayer" by Ben Jennings Plus Sidebars: "The History of a Movement" by John Bornschein, "Army of Online Intercessors" by Colin Millar" and "Who Monitors Global Prayer?" Non-Theme Articles: "Surrender to the Process: When Gods No Is Really a Higher Yes!" By Jennifer Kennedy Dean "Get Rid of the Chatter: Prayer That Doesnt Ask for Anything" By By Julie-Allyson Ieron Departments: Publisher's Column "As Natural as Breathing" by Jon Graf News and Events "Collegiate Day of Prayer Continues Long Tradition" "National Day of Prayer Unites U.S. in Prayer in Tumultuous Times" "Prayer Summit Draws Broad Representation" Tips & Tools "Unique Twist to Praying for the Lost" "Easy, Colorful Blessing Prayer Cards" "From Storage Room to Prayer Room" Surfs Up "Prayer Conference in a Download" Prayer Leader "Be Bold with Small Group Prayer" by Andrew Wheeler Classics "Almost Incredible Promises" by An Unknown Christian