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Pray the Word

Pray the Word is a line of resources that teach people to pray powerful Scripture-based prayers over their lives, their friends, their churches and the world around them. These resources move people from thinking of prayer as a "fix-it" tool, to understanding what it is to pray God's purposes. We encourage you to go to our Pray the Word facebook page and "Like" it so you will get regular prayers and updates on when new resources become available. Go to our website for some free downloads and information on a free Pray the Word App and other available resources. The two book products that are currently available are listed below.

Click here to read some sample prayers from Pray the Word.

To date more than 225,000 individuals have either downloaded the Pray the Word app or purchased a guide in the Pray the Word series shown below. These powerful resources are teaching people to pray Scriptures over their lives and churches. For a real-life testimonial of a church that changed the way its people pray . . . to profound effects . . . read "The Holy Spirit Ignites a Church."