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The Praying Youth Ministry

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The Praying Youth Ministry is a clarion call to try something new with youth ministry—let it be strategized by, bathed in, and run on prayer! Written for youth pastors and leaders, The Praying Youth Ministry will inspire, challenge, and equip you first in your personal prayer life, then in how you teach your youth to experience the presence of God through prayer, and finally, in how to experience the power of prayer within your ministry as your students practice prayer together.


Mike Higgs shares out of the personal successes and failures in his 45 plus years of youth ministry. The Praying Youth Ministry is loaded with practical prayer ideas that can inspire and teach your students to pray. Plus a special section includes inspiration and ideas from 4 younger youth pastors and leaders who are doing successful youth ministry based on a foundation of prayer!


Adopt the principles of The Praying Youth Ministry and can get your ministry operating under the direction and power of the Holy Spirit!


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“The Praying Youth Ministry will be my go-to book for youth leaders. The style is very readable. It’s profusely biblically, and also very practical. Mike Higgs has created a gem.”
—Doug Clark, National Field Director, the National Network of Youth Ministries


“The Praying Youth Ministry is a must read for any believer concerned about the next generation on any level. Mike has legitimately made the case for a re-formation of youth ministry, beginning with a leader sincerely committing to cultivate an authentic relationship with God through prayer—and then modeling that pursuit for the young people they lead. I agree with Mike wholeheartedly that the fuel for revival is prayer. This book provides the inspiration for change, as well as practical recommendations to apply right away.”
—Debbie Bresina, President, Dare 2 Share


“Our defenses sound the alarm if told our precious youth ministries should step up prayer. ‘Why?’ we demand, and the reasons better be convincing. Alternately, someone might reassure us that our youth ministry can improve at prayer. In that case, our more relaxed, curious question is ‘how?’ Mike Higgs answers both questions with the seasoned wisdom of an original gangster in youth ministry. Youth ministry can pivot from today’s fruit-feeble, resource-rich, program-based models to centering around the living presence of Jesus Christ. (NYC youth minister Keithen Schwahn testifies about this during one heart-pumping chapter!) Higgs drew upon uncommonly cherished prayer to write these words. Profoundly simple. Deeply life-giving. Why not join our Fellowship of Facelessness? May this book provoke you to pray and obey for youth ministry’s glorious upgrade.”
—Dave Rahn, PhD, Senior Advisor, The TENx10 Collaboration


“One thing you can count on with my good friend, Mike Higgs, he lives the message of this book. He and I have walked side-by-side on the ‘youth ministry adventure’ for four decades, and early on we shared our common passion for ‘the praying youth ministry’—long before a book was in the works. We began praying together with a small group of youth leaders at a retreat in Colorado, and later we were on the National Prayer Committee together, but most importantly . . . we have shared the common vision and burden that the only way the younger generation culture will change, either in a person, youth group or church, is to experience a ‘Jesus revolution’ through in-depth, lasting, disciple-making youth ministry ignited by a ‘Pray with Passion’ fire in the hearts of pastors, parents, youth leaders and students.
—Barry St. Clair, Vice President, Global Youth Engagement, East-West


“The youth leader who wants fresh ideas to ‘get prayer going’ in a student group will be drawn to The Praying Youth Ministry. That makes sense since the book contains more immediately useable prayer ideas than any book I have seen. The ideas are valuable and worth much more than the cost of the book. Even so, these excellent ideas are not the most essential elements of this important book. Even more valuable is the attention that Mike gives to the life of the youth leader. Higgs correctly suggests that personal holiness and purity are the most important prerequisites to prevailing prayer. He then points to the powerful influence of a leader who models a lifestyle of prayer. Only when purity and modeling are in place does he focus on mobilizing prayer initiatives. Mike Higgs has coordinated more multidenominational, national prayer initiatives than almost anyone. Those of us who know him best know that public stature flows from a pure life and modeling a deep life of prayer. He was just the one to write this important book.
—Richard Ross, Ph.D., senior professor of student ministry, Southwestern Seminary


“Mike’s life and voice are the rarest of gifts to the Body of Christ. His pedigree of experience leading youth ministry locally, regionally, and nationally, is unlike anyone I’ve ever met in 30 years of leadership. His is a voice in the wilderness that needs to be heard by modern-day youth ministry practitioners. Mike is a personal mentor and when he speaks, I listen. I hope you listen carefully to the important message found within The Praying Youth Ministry.”
—Geoff Eckart, CEO, Never The Same and Claim Your Campus, Chairman of America’s National Prayer Committee


“Most of us know the future of the American church depends upon a rising generation who know how to pray. Our problem is we tend not to know how to nurture that generation. We’ve often tried the simple quick fixes. We’ve sometimes tried the intensives. And sadly, all too often the results haven’t been great. What I like about The Praying Youth Ministry is that it isn’t a quick fix. It is reflections based on 40+ years of experience. Nor is it over-intense. It is full of realism, practicality and above all, hope. It meets you and your ministry right where you are and gives pointers on how to go further on and deeper in to the Father in prayer. Refreshing, inspiring and insightful.
—Colin Piper, NxtMove/World Evangelical Alliance