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With One Cry: A Renewed Challenge to Pray for America

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Most Christians believe that much prayer is needed for America. But most do not know how to pray in an effective way that will release the power of God on behalf of our nation. Weaving together Scriptures and stories from America's past With One Cry confronts our current situation, and provides hope for our future.

But we as believers must pray!

Above all, With One Cry will inspire you and equip you to pray God's purposes for our nation. Will you accept the challenge? Together, as God uses our prayers, the course of our nation and history can be changed.

With One Cry is used as a resource in the PrayerU course "With One Cry: Praying for America"


Includes a 7-Day Prayer Guide

Chapter Titles: (Click on How to Pray for an Election or Is There Hope for America? to read a chapter)

Is There Hope for America?
Going beyond Nationalism
The Away Team
The United States and World Evangelism
How to Pray for an Election
The Role of Repentance
The Prophetic Role of the Church
This Means War!
The Hope of Revival
Prayer That Changes a Nation
Appendix: The National Prayer Accord
Bonus Section: A 7-Day Prayer Guide

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"Through With One Cry the Lord has sparked within me a renewed commitment to prayer and a newfound hope for spiritual awakening in America. In an election year with our nation at a critical crossroads and the church adrift toward apostasy, Dave Butts show us how to resuscitate our prophetic role with the kind of praying that will usher a spiritual awakening in our nation." --Casey M. (Buddy) Smith, Jr., Senior Vice President, American Family Association

"Battle lines are drawn. The hour is upon us. The church holds the keys to the outcome. With One Cry issues the marching orders. If you want to make a difference in America's destiny, this compact yet powerful book is your call to arms." --John D. Beckett, Founding Member, Intercessors for America, Author, Loving Monday

"In this critical hour in America, Dave Butts is providing us a very helpful and practical book about how to pray for America. From a proven leader that has a burden for our nation, we are inspired to have hope in our generation. Now is the time for us to pray for America." --Dr. Ronnie Floyd, President, Southern Baptist Convention, Senior Pastor, Cross Church

"Anyone concerned about the state of America needs to read With One Cry. Dave Butts issues an urgent appeal for prayer. He describes our desperate situation, draws from our rich spiritual history, and directs us to the hope for the future. With One Cry is deeply spiritual and immensely practical." --Sammy Tippit, International Evangelist and Author

"I have been a Dave Butts fan for a long time and marveled at the way he is able to make prayer come alive in the individual believer and in the church. Now he’s turned his attention to national prayer revival at a time when it is desperately needed. In With One Cry Dave has given us a compendium of practical prayer tips with a vision of how believers can, with God’s help, reignite a nationwide prayer movement reminiscent of past revivals" --Bob Russell, Retired Senior Minister Southeast Christian Church

"At one point in this book Dave Butts shares the need for the Church to be as the sons of Issachar, understanding the times and knowing how to live in those times (1 Chron. 12:32). And this is exactly what Dave does in this book as he provides crucial insight on our culture and offers practical guidance for God’s people in repentance and prayer in the hope of revival. This is a timely and stirring word reminding us of what the Lord has done before in America and what He can do in our day as we cry out to Him." --Rich Carmichael, Publisher, Herald of His Coming

“I can think of no better person to write about a unified focus on prayer in America than Dave Butts. He walks his talk and leads by example. I’ve been privileged to sit under Dave’s teaching on prayer, and every time I’m challenged to evaluate my own prayer life. Dave’s book sounds a much-needed alarm in these dark times. Join men and women across this country who are begging God for another powerful move of His Spirit in our midst.” --Michael Catt, Senior Pastor, Sherwood Church

"Dave Butts has presented a crystal clear challenge to pray for America that will renew all who read. His ability to focus on the deep issues of the American Church offer both analysis and solutions and all of this done with imagery easily understood by all. Great book. Greatly recommend it. -- David Kubal, President/CEO, Intercessors for America

"Over the years, God has used Dave and his wife, Kim, to awaken in my heart a deeper burden for prayer and for revival and spiritual awakening. Their passion is contagious. I'm thankful that Dave has written this hope-filled, inspiring resource to share that passion. May God use it to spark a movement of earnest, believing prayer, that Christ may be magnified in the United States and in every nation of the world." --Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, Author, Teacher/Host of Revive Our Hearts radio

"God is speaking to the hearts of His people across America: revival is coming to our nation! Dave Butts, a dear friend and partner in ministry, has written a book that will help us all respond in prayer. With One Cry reminds us of the revivals our nation has experienced in the past—revivals sparked through movements of prayer—and calls us to hope for the future of the United States. Dave offers wisdom in aligning our hearts with the will and Word of God as we pray for His kingdom to come to America, reminding us of the importance of repentance and leading us in prayer for elections, the Church, and more. May we all join 'with one cry' for our nation." --Dick Eastman, President, Every Home for Christ