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52 Creative Ways to Pray

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Do you desire to have a more dynamic prayer life? Or do you lead a small group, or larger church prayer gatherings and want to make them more engaging? Then 52 Creative Ways to Pray is for you! Filled with simple, yet stimulating ways to engage in prayer, 52 Creative Ways to Pray can freshen up your personal prayer life, or the prayer lives of those to whom you minister.

"Paul Covert brings the art of prayer out of the clouds down to every day life." --Dan Steffen, Sr. Pastor, Pure Heart Church

"This book will open you up to new, exciting and different ways to communicate and hear from our awesome God." --Dr. Samson Dunn, Founder and Lead Pastor, Catalyst Church

"These inspired ideas for keeping prayer fresh have been tested and tried in real time with real people. I am thrilled to have this new and practical tool for helping people learn to pray." --Jennifer Kennedy Dean, Executive Director, The Praying Life Foundation

I am a pastor/leader who works hard at getting prayer mobilized in my church, and people motivated to pray personally and corporately. I have found it to be the most difficult and often the most discouraging thing I do. Often a new approach, a different method will really help because the number one reason people give for not attending corporate prayer meetings is because they are boring. Paul's book is full of great ideas that personally got me excited, and that I plan on implementing in the next couple of months. I know that these ideas all come from a wealth of experience as a leader of prayer in the churches he has served and is serving in." --Dee Duke, Lead Pastor, Jefferson Baptist Church

View Four Creative Ways to Pray:
A recent issue of Prayer Connect magazine included an article by Paul
Covert that offered 4 of the creative ways to pray from this book.

Read article here.

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