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Worship with Fasting

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Worship with Fasting explores both the mystery and practical nature of fasting. Most spiritual leaders and believers know what fasting is, and that it has some importance in the pages of Scripture, but few understand its purpose and power. As a result, it is a little-used weapon in the Church and in believers' lives today.

In Worship with Fasting. Lemmons connects the dots between worship, prayer, fasting and the Holy Spirit's power. Worship with Fasting will give you a hunger for more of the presence of God and instruction on how to incorporate fasting into your individual and church life. Worship with Fasting is written by highly gifted and respected teacher, Dr. Albert Lemmons. In fact, Dr. Thomas Keith Roberts in the Foreword, quotes a pastor who once told him, "When Albert Lemmons clears his throat, he gives you more wisdom than most people can by talking all day long."

Dr. Albert Lemmons began his pulpit ministry at the age of 16 and is now in his 65th year of ministry. He has taught his 10-hour Prayer Enrichment seminar more than 600 times thus far. He lives with his wife Patsy in Franklin, TN.