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Thirsty: A 31-Day Journey to Personal Revival

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Are you courageous enough to admit you need personal spiritual revival? Thirsty is the fire starter you need to become a living, breathing, walking revival--setting everything you touch ablaze for God.  

An interactive prayer devotional, Thirsty focuses on thirty-one vital aspects of your Christian walk. Each day you will embrace the fire of revival for one specific area of your relationship with Jesus and invite Him to bring it back to life. As you draw near to God every day of this 31-day journey, the All Consuming Fire will draw near to you, setting your heart on fire for Him.

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“What a wonderful book, as piercing and prophetic as it is practical. How it calls us deeper in God, moving us to prayer and fasting and self-examination and holy dedication, all for one great purpose: to burn afresh with the fire of God and to experience personal revival. Is there anything more important? Read this book, follow its clear, down to earth directives, and be ignited. Does anything stop you from starting your new journey today?”

--Dr. Michael L. Brown, Host of the Line of Fire radio show


“Jamie Morgan is a burning and shining lamp in this generation with a brilliant mind and passionate heart to see revival come. Read this devotional to discover the power and necessity of burning inwardly before you ever shine publicly.”

--Jeremiah Johnson, The Altar Global


"Long ago, Jesus reproved the church in Laodicea because they were smug and satisfied. Jesus rebuked them because they had ‘become wealthy, and have need of nothing’ (see Rev. 3:17). We are all susceptible to this syndrome of spiritual complacency. We can become so used to the comforts of our 21st century prosperity that we forget why we are blessed. We can lose our hunger and forget how desperately we need God's love, forgiveness, mercy and grace. Jamie Morgan is a pastor and a Bible teacher, but at her core she is a revivalist who wants to see the church reclaim the fire of Pentecost. Her new devotional book, Thirsty, is a needed remedy for all of us. Reading this book is like hitting a divine reset button. It will help you recover the passion you have lost, restore the childlike faith that has waned, and regain your spiritual hunger. I recommend that you read it carefully over the course of a month, and then reread it. Let the words cut deep, and let Jamie's probing questions sink deep enough to bring lasting change. I want to read it over and over until true spiritual hunger rises in my heart."

--J. Lee Grady, Contributing Editor, Charisma Magazine. Director, The Mordecai Project

Author, Set My Heart on Fire and 10 Lies the Church Tells Women


“Thirsty: A 31-Day Journey to Personal Revival by Jamie Morgan is a timely and practical guide to help quench one’s thirst for much, much more of the Savior we serve. Thirsty is the perfect kind of guide to keep with one’s Bible, not for just a single read, but as a resource to keep us hungering and thirsting for more of Jesus day-by-day, month-by-month and even year-by-year. For true revival to come to the Church it first must come to individual believers. As Evangelist D.L. Moody wisely declared, ‘Every revival in history can be traced to a single kneeling form!’ Jamie Morgan invites you to be that person!”

--Dick Eastman, International President, Every Home for Christ


"To write of thirst is one thing, to be thirsty is entirely another. When the two combine, the Bridegroom is standing and crying out ‘if anyone thirsts let him come to Me and drink.’ That is what I know of this book and its author. A scripting of thirst from one who is thirsty."

--Eric Gilmour, Sonship International


“Dr. Jamie Morgan, a burning revivalist, shares her heart, Thirsty! That word describes her as well as this book exceptionally well. Reading this book amazed me with the extensive list of ‘thirsts.’ This book will spur the ‘dehydrated ones’ into godly intense longing for God! It will exponentially increase your thirst for all of God.”

--Dr. Barbara Yoder, Author, The Breaker Anointing


 "My wife Dehavill and I have been great admirers of Dr. Jamie Morgan for many years, not only because of her passion for Jesus, but also because she is biblically sound. Yet, her profound love for the Word of God and revival history only fuel her passion for the Lord. And it's contagious. Read Thirsty and prepare for daily encounters with God."

--Will Ford, Author, The Dream King: How The Dream Of Martin Luther King Jr. Is Being Fulfilled To Heal Racism In America. Founder, and


“Gripping. Soul searching. Lovingly challenging. Uncompromising. These are a few words to describe this devotional journey. I don’t usually like daily devotionals because they are ‘too fluffy’ for me. But clean your desk and make room for this one! Dr. Jamie Morgan has written my kind of book! This book is a game changer! It will change your walk with God, and that of your friends, as you journey together.”

--Naomi Dowdy, Founder TCA College, Singapore. Former Senior Pastor, Trinity Christian Centre, Singapore. Author, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, Mentor


"There is nothing more important to a follower of Jesus than to maintain their first-love experience. However, there are many distractions that attempt to encroach upon this important position. In Thirsty, Dr. Jamie Morgan provides a needed path and prescription for anyone who longs to live in personal revival. She has contributed an amazing 31-day journey of reflection, repentance, contrition, joy, and genuine prayer that is sure to awaken the hearts of many as they begin to burn with a deep passion for Jesus."

--Keith Collins, Generation Impact Ministries


“Dr. Jamie Morgan is our deep spirited friend. She loves deeply and her hunger and thirst for our Lord is contagious. As we read the pages of Thirsty we could feel the fire and passion of Jamie for our Lord; but most of all, her desire to help others find Him more intimately shines through on each day’s journey. If you aren’t changed by the end of Day One, you might want to stop and get saved all over again. This is a life changing, desperate cry for more of our God to manifest on every page. Pastor Jamie, there is no one in the world like you, passionate, hungry, thirsty, filled to overflowing with the love of Jesus for a lost and dying world. Thank you for this journey to quench our ever thirsting souls.”

--Harry and Cheryl Salem, Salem Family Ministries


“When we go to the doctor with symptoms or illness, we trust that we will be prescribed something tangible to help us overcome and recover. We want to move forward, achieve better health and get back to experiencing daily vibrant life. This devotional is a step-by-step prescription to overcome spiritual sickness, being ‘stuck’ or simply having lost your way. As you read Thirsty, and meditate on every word, you will encounter a major course adjustment and live a passionate revived Christian life. There is no excuse, no circumstance, no trial that isn’t covered in this devotional. You are about to read several examples of the ‘normal’ Christian life to spark true personal revival. Be encouraged! You will soon realize how much you needed this divine roadmap, and you will never be the same!”

-- Cindy Panepinto, Upward Call Ministries


Thirsty will undoubtedly accelerate your heart’s desire for more of God. Worldly culture utilizes the cares of this world to camouflage the longing of your spirit to be saturated with more of His love, power and wisdom. But this book will awaken and empower you to pursue what really matters. Thirst can only be quenched with more of Jesus!”

--Bo Salisbury, KingdomCulture International 


“Pastor Jamie has released this devotional just in time! She walks us through 31 Days of pursuing God, reminding us that revival doesn’t start simply with an external plan but with an internal thirst. If we lose our thirst, we will die. Continuing thirst for God keeps us in a place of dependency. I’m excited to join the multitudes as we go deeper with God and become a transforming influence in our world!”

--Susanne Cox, Legacy of Purpose


“I love how my dear friend Jamie Morgan takes us on this 31-day journey of personal revival. She has me Thirsty to want more in my personal walk with God. Jamie motivates us to take it one step at a time as we draw closer to this spiritual goal of revival. This book has the potential of giving profound help to our generation to fire up a revival within the body of Christ. Thank you Jamie for sharing this inspirational devotional in a time of great need. Fire, from heaven, fall fresh on us we pray!”

--Margie Fleurant, Founder and President, The River Ministries


“Jesus tells us in the Sermon on the Mount, that ‘when we hunger and thirst for righteousness we will be filled.’ I love how Dr. Jamie Morgan has written this wonderful devotional on some very tangible expressions of pursuing the very ‘thirst’ Jesus speaks about. Her broad coverage of spiritual topics concerning fulfilling this key area of Christian life is amazing. This is indeed a daily guide to personal growth for every person who desires to see Jesus’ words come alive in their own lives.”

--Pastor Don James, Superintendent, New Jersey Assemblies of God Ministry Network