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Prayer Connect Issue 55 - Renewed Passion and Zeal

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Renewed Passion and Zeal: A Plea for Fervent and Prevailing Prayer looks at the issue of growing a deeper passion for sustained, fervent prayer in our lives and life of our church. We all can pray fervently when there is an immediate need that deeply concerns us, but how can we take thqt same passion and apply it to praying for God's purposes in our lives, church, community, nation and world?


In This Issue:

Theme Articles:

"The Divine Exception: God's Response to Fervant, Prevailing Prayer" By Bill Elliff

"Relentlessly Pursuing God: Fervency and Practicality in Prayer" By Kie Bowman

"Prevailing Prayers of Jesus: With Fervent Cries" By Donna Gaines


Non-Theme Article:

"The Prayer Rulebook: How I've Learned There Are No Rules" By Amy Daughters



Publisher's Note: "Want Help with Prayer?"

Pray the Word: "Turn a Verse into a Prayer"

Pray for Our Nation: "Open Doors"

Tips & Tools:
"In the Upper Room with Jesus"
"See You at the Polls"
"Pray. Always. About Everything"

One Cry: "Compassion and Outrage"