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Prayer Connect Issue 48 - Prayer for the Glory of God

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Prayer for the Glory of God


"Show me Your glory" stands as one prayer that binds all other prayers. Our ultimate desire when we pray should be for Christ to receive glory as it is answered in the situation about which we are praying. How can we do that? Why should we do that? This issue of Prayer Connect answers those questions about our prayers, even when we pray for everyday needs.

In This Issue:

"One Prayer to Bind Them All: Seeking the Glory of Christ Transforms Every Other Way You Pray," by David Bryant
"So-That Prayers: Learning to Pray for God's Glory above All," by Jonathan Graf
"Beholding Jesus: Prayers of Fascination and Intimacy," by Christina Baker


"Look Up, and Up the Prayer," by Joan Sherman


Publisher's Note: "Don't Forget the Food!"
News & Events:
"National Prayer Leaders Gather in Hollywood"
"Missionaries Staged Daring Escape in Haiti"
"Supreme Court to Hear Case of Praying Coach"
"Nepal Pastor Sentenced for Prayer to Heal COVID"

Tips & Tools:
"The Challenge of Adoration Prayer"
"When Cursed, We Can Bless"

Pray Beyond: "Prayer that Brings Glory to God"

Prayer Leader: "'Take Action' Prayer"

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