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Prayer Connect Issue 47 - Revival in the Next Generation

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Prayer Connect Issue 47


Gen Z is the most radically and ethnically diverse of any previous generation. Born into a digital world, they have no idea of life apart from social media and smartphones. They hold the knowledge of the world in their hands--and they've never know anything else. So it stands to reason that revival in this generation will look vastly different from revivals of the past. --From the Theme Introduction

This issues shows how God is moving in a unique way among this generation to bring about a spiritual awakening and revival.

What is in the Issue?

Theme Articles:
"Theme Introduction" -- Carol Madison
"The Acts of God in the Next Generation: What Does Revival Look Like Among Gen Z?" -- Luke LeFevre
"Informed Intercession for the Next Generation: A Prayer Guide to Issues Facing Gen Z" -- Aaron Custalow
"Running Together: Empowering God's Mighty Work in All Generations" -- Hal and Cheryl Sacks

Non-Theme Article:
"Wavering Faith: How Well-Meaning Teaching Traps Christians in Doubt" -- Kyle Davison Bair


Publisher's Note: "Renewed Hope for Revival" -- Jonathan Graf

News & Events:

Tips & Tools:

"When Your Mind Goes Blank"
"7 Secrets of Effective Intercession"
"First, the Scribbled Note"

Pray Beyond: "Praying Jesus Words" -- Natasha Miller

Prayer Leader: "When a Prayer Leader Struggles"

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