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Prayer Connect Issue 45 -- Repentance and Confession

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Revival is on many believers who cling to the hope of a sweeping spiritual awakening that will transform our nation. At times we need to return to the basics of creating a welcoming atmosphere for revival in the Church. That means “turnaround prayers” that come back to the simplicity of repentance and confession. God draws near to the humble and brokenhearted. Confessing and repenting of our sin aligns with God’s grace and favor in pouring out the Holy Spirit with fresh power.

"Prayer Connect Issue 45: Repentance and Confession" will prepare your heart for spiritual revival!

The following articles are included in this issue. Highlighted ones are linked directly to the article are

Theme Articles:

"It’s Time for Repenters to Repent: The Pathway to Revival" by Byron Paulus
"When Sorry Doesn't Cut It: The Prayer of Confession" by Jason Hubbard
"Praying for Your Enemies: An Unexpected Story of Love" by Matt Lockett and Will Ford


Non-Theme Article:

"Ending the Filibuster: Packing Power into Your Prayers" by Sandy Mayle



Publisher’s Note: "Exciting News" by Jon Graf

News & Events:

"America’s Prayer Meeting for Spiritual Awakening"

"Tennessee Revival Steeped in Prayer"

"2021 Report Details Persecution"

"40 Days for Life Saves Hundreds of Preborn Babies"

Tips & Tools:

"Four Scriptures to Pray When You Are Tempted"

"Marriage Repair with Hedge Prayer"

Pray Beyond: "Prayers for Your City"

Prayer Leader: "More than Occasional" by Dennis Fuqua