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Prayer Connect Issue 42 -- Motivating Prayer in the Local Church

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How to motivate and mobilize people within a congregation to pray is the topic of this issue of Prayer Connect magazine. It offers practical ideas and insights for leaders on how they can get their people to pray.
The following articles appear in "Motivating Prayer in the Local Church":

"Rally Cry for Prayer: The Role of Pastors and Leaders in Motivating People," by Daniel Henderson
"Tapping into Passion and Desperation: Using Crises to Build Prayer Foundation," by Michael Catt
"The Influence of a Leader: Motivational Tips to Move a Congregation to Pray," by Jonathan Graf

Other Articles:
"Lord, Make Us One: Prayers Toward Racial Healing"
"Seeking God through Suffering: Crying Out to God with a Kingdom Perspective," by Heather Hagstrom

Publisher's Note: "Why Should I Pray for Racial Healing?"
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