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Prayer Connect Issue 39 - Pray for All the Saints

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Pray for All the Saints: The Blessing and Prospering of God's People looks at the blessing and growth that can occur in people's lives when we learn to pray for the spiritual growth and development of individual believers--not just their immediate needs.
This issue includes:

Theme Articles
"Prayer for One Another: Seeking the Blessing of God's People" -- By Dave Butts
"May Your Faith Not Fail: Strategic Prayer for One's Destiny" by James Banks
"A Clash of Kingdoms: Warfare Prayer for Believers" by Kathy Branzell

Non-Theme Articles
"From a Trickle to Downstream Flow: Entrusting Intercession Results to God" by Sandy Mayle


Publisher's Note: "Catching Prayer"

Tips & Tools:
"Four Ways to Use Your Eyes in Prayer"
"Healthcare Prayer Strategies"

Prayer Leader Column: "Empowering Christian Educators"

Pray Beyond: "Practical Prayers for Your Pastor"

Plus: News & Events