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Prayer Connect Issue 2 - Fresh Fire

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Raise your level of hope for a Christ-centered revival!


Do you long to see revival? Do you desire to see a fresh move of the Holy Spirit sweep through churches again? "Fresh Fire: Hope for a Christ-Centered Revival" will inspire and challenge you . . . and fill you with hope that such a revival is on the horizon. This is the second issue of Prayer Connect magazine; it is a full color, 48-page, 8" x 10.5" bi-monthly publication.
The theme, Fresh Fire, reflects our earnest desire to rally prayer that seeks a fresh move of God's Spirit. Churches today--particularly in the Western world--need revival. We need to get our eyes re-focused on Jesus Christ and all that He is once again. Theme Articles: "Theme Introduction" "Fully Alive to the Glory of Christ: An Exceptional Season of God's Extraordinary Work" by David Bryant
"Living as a Prisoner of Hope: Captured by a Vision for Spiritual Awakening" by Claude King
"No Shortcuts on the Pathway: Where Are the Hot Hearts, Set Aflame in Revival?" by Nancy Leigh DeMoss
"Spirit Surprises in Acts . . . and Today: Expect the Unexpected in Revival" by Doug Small
Small Group Bible Study by Sandra Higley Non-theme Articles
"'But I Have Prayed for You:' Praying Before and Beyond Crisis" by Steve Hawthorne "Praying with Audacity--Like a Juggernaut: Combining Urgency with Possibility in Your Prayers" by Steven Furtick
"One Cry Calls for Urgent Prayer for Revival "National Leaders Convene a 'Conversation on Revival'"
"North American Prayer Summit Draws Three Nations Together"
"9-11 Sparks Prayer Across U.S."
Tips and Tools:
"Operation World Offers Prayer Initiative for Churches"
"Powerful Clips Stir Prayer for the Nations"
"6:4 Fellowship: Pastor to Pastor"
Surf's Up: Prayer on the Internet "Prayer Connect Website Offers More than a Magazine"
"Create a Buzz"
"What's Not to Like"
Prayer Leader "Think Young!" by David Chotka. Jesus mentored teenagers and young adults. What could happen if prayer leaders focused on younger people to pull into their prayer teams and groups?
Classics "Keep Praying until God Answers" by R.A. Torrey