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City of Prayer

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Imagine a city where hundreds of churches and thousands of believers pray in an unceasing way, 24/7, for their community and for revival and spiritual awakening. City of Prayer: Transform Your Community through Praying Churches by Pastors Trey Kent and Kie Bowman tells such a story. Plus it shows the reader how this can happen in any community.
Having unceasing prayer in your community is possible--even in your community! Learn a simple method in City of Prayer.

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What People Are Saying about City of Prayer:

"I have seen it. I have experienced it. I know these men. What this book describes is really happening in our day. Even in the powerful capital city of Texas, God is at work! Within the shadows and powers of government, education, technology, and business, the power of God is alive, real, and flowing! Every pastor and church leader in America and across this world needs to read this book, implementing its principles until revival comes to the church and spiritual awakening shakes our nation." --Dr. Ronnie Floyd, President-CEO, Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee

"City of Prayer could well be a spark to ignite a firestorm of prayer the likes of which our nation has never seen." --Dick Eastman, President, Every Home for Christ

"Any student of spiritual awakening knows that God's work is always previous. Every nationwide spiritual awakening in American history was preceded by a decade or so of God's 'rumblings' and these were always accompanied by growing, extraordinary, repentant, desperate, UNITED prayer. Kie Bowman and Trey Kent have insightfully documented for us what God is doing RIGHT NOW across our nation and how we can cooperate with God's movement toward the awakening we need. Every concerned believer and spiritual leader must read this book!" --Bill Elliff, Senior Pastor, The Summit Church, Little Rock, Arkansas, and Pastor/Church Leader for OneCry!

"City of Prayer is the book you need to read. Kent and Bowman offer the encouragement, testimonies, and practical advice necessary to move you from thinking about prayer to dedicating yourself to prayer. For the church that needs revival, it will be found when we pray. For a nation that needs a spiritual awakening, we must unceasingly seek God for it. The church needs a return to prayer and this book offers a path to it. Read City of Prayer and prepare yourself for what God will do next." --Dr. Philip Nation, Director of Global Impact Churches, Baptist World Alliance

"The New Testament normally refers to the Church meeting in a city. That's how God views us. When the Church in a city gathers for prayer, that's where and when God's power is poured out. My friends Kie Bowman and Trey Kent powerfully share the story of the Church in Austin consistently gathering for prayer. Their new book, City of Prayer, will encourage you to seek the same for your community." --Dr David Butts, Chairman, America's National Prayer Committee

"City of Prayer is inspiring! Each chapter is biblically-grounded, gospel-centered, and full of Christ-exalting stories of transformation! This book gives us practical blueprints to see canopies of united, strategic and sustainable prayer happen in cities around the world. I place it at the top of the 'must read' list for anyone working on seeing their cities transformed for the glory of God!" --Dr. Jason Hubbard, Light of the World Prayer Center, Bellingham, WA

"I couldn't possibly recommend a book more than City of Prayer by my dear friends Trey Kent and Kie Bowman. I learned the model of 24/7 prayer that they pioneered in Austin and it absolutely changed my life. We launched New Mexico Prays and America Prays using this Spirit-breathed expression of unceasing prayer. Every pastor, leader, and believer in America needs to read this book." --Brian Alarid, President of America Prays and World Prays

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Dick Eastman

Chapter One -- Praying for Your City, by Kie Bowman
Chapter Two -- Prayer: The New Testament Model, by Kie Bowman
Chapter Three -- Pastors of Prayer, by Trey Kent
Chapter Four -- A Culture of Prayer, by Trey Kent
Chapter Five --Prayer Movements Igniting Revival Fires, by Kie Bowman
Chapter Six -- Prayer Now, by Kie Bowman
Chapter Seven -- A People of Prayer, by Trey Kent
Chapter Eight -- The Promise of Prayer, by Trey Kent
Chapter Nine -- City of Prayer, by Trey Kent
Chapter Ten -- Launching 24/7 Prayer in Your City, by Trey Kent
Chapter Eleven -- Results of Prayer, by Kie Bowman

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