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7 Prayers for Discernment and Decision-Making

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A group prayer process to find God's direction.


Leadership in a church, ministry or Christian-owned business wants to discern direction from God in decisions that need to be made. 7 Prayers for Discernment and Decision Making is a unique guide that presents a highly practical prayer and discussion process for a group (or an individual) to go through in order to discern God's heart on a matter.


What Pastors Are Saying:

"We would all be better off if we spent more time discerning God's will rather than asking Him to rescue us from the aftermath of poor decisions which we've made on our own. Kim Butts has provided us with a great tool for decision making through group prayer which results in the discernment of God's will. While the principles in this book seem especially applicable to the local church, they will also be an asset to missions organizations, para-church ministries, and Christian businesses, as well as individual believers seeking God's direction through collaborative prayer."
--Dr. John Caldwell, retired pastor of Kingsway Christian Church (36 years) of Avon, IN

"I have never had a resource quite like this. I've read plenty of books and articles on knowing the will of God, decision making in the midst of conflict, and things of that nature, and they have been helpful. But never a resource that outlines an actual prayer path to use with elders, other groups, and even the church as a whole. Kim Butts has delivered into our hands a clear and effective prayer process that if implemented, will lead to discerning God's direction." --Gary Black, Sr. Pastor of Clayton Christian Church, Clayton, IN