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Prayer Connect is a magazine published by the Church Prayer Leaders Network in partnership with America's National Prayer Committee and the Denominational Prayer Leaders Network that delivers four (4) issues each year. It is designed to stimulate, encourage and challenge the reader to go deeper into prayer.

Our mission: 1. To encourage and equip believers toward a deeper walk with Jesus Christ through prayer our experiential connection to God. 2. To resource prayer leaders and pastors with tools to help them motivate, disciple, and mobilize believers in churches to be a part of an army that seeks to pray the purposes of God for churches, communities, and the nations. 3. To be a unifying force between prayer ministries, community transformation groups, and churches.

Money Back Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with Prayer Connect we will refund your money if you request within 60 days of ordering. After 60 days, we will refund the remaining portion of your undelivered subscription.