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Power Praying: Hearing Jesus' Spirit by Praying Jesus' Prayer

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A powerful new book/workbook on the Lord's Prayer that offers a completely fresh view point of this powerful prayer that will revolutionize how you pray.


A powerful book/workbook on the Lord's Prayer that offers a completely fresh view point of this powerful prayer that will revolutionize how you pray. Set in 8 weeks, each chapter includes "Pen to Paper" a section to interact with what you are reading. 

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"I have yet to meet a leader who would declare they pray enough. Christians need encouragement to pray and this book by Chotka does just that. David leads us like a figurehead stuck onto the bow of a Viking ship reminding us of prayer's ability to penetrate the riches, and actuate the power stored up for us by our Heavenly Father. Read this book and start praying more! --Dr. Carson Pue, CEO of Arrow Leadership

"I was quickly arrested by [Power Praying]. I was soon struck by David's immersion in Scripture, story-telling ability, skill of clear communication, and passion about prayer. It was difficult for me to put it down. His week about Discernment was superbly helpful to me. Our world would be profoundly blessed in his five points of discernment became the pattern in our churches. Lord, hear our prayer!"--Danny Morris, author of A Life That Really Matters

"The litmus test for any book on prayer is two-fold: it should teach you how to pray, and it should make you want to pray. David Chotka's Power Praying succeeds brilliantly on both counts. David, using the Lord's Prayer as template, sounds that prayer's depths and, as he does so, serves up a theological and biblical tour de force. But this is no mere theological treatise: in all and through all, David's sheer enthusiasm for praying, and his many stories of prayer in action, leave you hungering and thirsting for God, His righteousness, and His Kingdom. There is joy and beauty here to make broken bones dance." --Mark Buchanan, Pastor and Author of The Rest of God and Spiritual Rhythm

"Stimulating, inspiring, and instructional . . . With insightful revelation David has hit the mark in bringing a refreshing wind to reinvigorate the experienced believer regarding prayer. Simultaneously it is a distinct discipleship tool for the young believer. Power praying is a book for believers at all stages on the journey of cultivating a kingdom heart and intimacy with their Heavenly Father."
Mike Riches
Pastor, author, and director of Sycamore Commission

"At first glance the Lord's Prayer is short and seemingly insignificant. Don't let the size fool you. It contains every possible dimension of prayer. When we learn to use it on a regular basis, it will transform our lives. The only problem with the Lord's Prayer Pattern is that we have made it religious; Jesus intended it to be relational. David Chotka does a brilliant job unpacking this prayer so that it will have practical and transformational impact in each of our lives. I have been using the Lord's Prayer Pattern as a model prayer for 20 years; David Chotka takes it to a new level, exploring its all-encompassing richness. He uniquely shows how every facet of Christ's life and ministry is in one way or another tied to this prayer."--Fred A. Hartley, III, Lead Pastor, Lilburn Alliance Church, President, College of Prayer International

"Prayer is fundamentally a relationship with God--but even the best of relationships can benefit from professional coaching now and then. David Chotka has taken Jesus' own prayer model and used it as a powerful yet practical foundation for helping anyone develop a vibrant and effective relationship with God through prayer."--Arlyn Lawrence, Contributing Editor, Pray! magazine (NavPress)

"David Chotka has penetrated the Lord's Prayer in a new and refreshing way. His analysis begins with new understanding of our desire for the magnification of the name of the Father through the prayer for the establishment of the Kingdom and the implications of all this for spiritual warfare. He then teaches us to align our own petitions with these desires for the Glory of God. This would be enough, but we are also given carefully constructed guidance for prayer as we pray as Jesus taught us."--Dr, Franklin Pyles, President of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada.

"David Chotka's book is a breakthrough in devotional literature. It anticipates the difficulties many people encounter when they set out to pray. It encourages them to pray without making them feel guilty or inept. It acquaints them with a theology of prayer set in the context of the theology of our Lord's earthly ministry, and all of this within a grand theology that is biblically informed. It provides concrete, how-to-do-it help, without which the best resolve to pray evaporates in two weeks. And not least the book is written in language anyone can understand."--Dr. Victor Shepherd, Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology, Tyndale Seminary, Toronto, Ontario

"My friend and author, David Chotka provides a superb Workbook on the Lord's Prayer. It is biblically enriched, contemporary in context and practical in application. This volume is a serious invitation and guide to take an engaging journey of seven weeks to refresh and revitalize your personal life. My personal investment resulted in much gain. Try it!"--Dr. T.V. Thomas, Director, Centre for Evangelism & World Mission