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Leadership for a Praying Church DVD by David Butts

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Shows church leaders how important they are to growing a praying church.


A powerful message to church leadership on how important their role as leaders is to growing a praying church. Helps leaders see what a praying church looks like offers suggestions of how to get there. Product includes the message DVD and a CD with a power point file and a notesheet file.
In this powerful 75 minute video, David Butts, President of Harvest Prayer Ministries and Chairman of America’s National Prayer Committee, will lead you through the steps necessary for your church to become known as a praying church. Dave will take you on a journey that looks at God’s prayer movement in the United States and around the world, casting a vision for your part in it. He will help you to: Understand why leadership is critical to the growth of prayer in your church Diagnose where your church currently stands on its journey to becoming a house of prayer Take practical steps toward growing in prayer as a congregation and as a church with the end result focused on becoming a House of Prayer for all Nations. Filmed live on location