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10 for 10 -- Issue 40 A Nation Divided Against Itself

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10 Copies of A Nation Divided Against Itself: Prayerful Solutions to Turmoil is the timely theme of this issue of Prayer Connect magazine. Learn powerful ways to pray and respond as a believer in the midst of the vitriol hatred that has gripped the political scene in America.
Product Provides 10 copies of "A Nation Divided Against Itself."

This issue includes:

Theme Articles
"Yet We Have Hope: Cues from Lamentations" By Kay Horner
"Coming Under Friendly Fire: When Satan Engages Us in the Wrong Battles" By Mercy Alarid

Non-Theme Articles
"Carrying the Burdens of Others in Prayer: When Your Best Intentions Fail" By Carla G. Pollard


Publisher's Note: "The Great Unifier"

Tips & Tools:
"Prayer Locker #365"
"The Gift of Praying for Newlyweds"

Prayer Leader Column: "Tips to Create a Scripture-Based Prayer Guide"

Ministry Spotlight: "Prayer Bridges into Entertainment Industry"

Plus: News & Events